Berlin-based oil painter floods your feed with faceless masterpieces.

Growing up, I fancied myself as being something of an artiste (ar-tee-ste). The subject matter of my artwork was singular: homoerotic superheroes. Likely this was because I was jealous that I was never permitted to wear a cape to work. I would give my extra-earthly crusaders defined pecs, bulging….muscles… and was actually a half-decent sketcher. Alas, my artistic ambitions were thwarted by my complete and total inability to draw hands. Feeling defeated by the inadequacy of the digits I drew, I often left these heroes hands-less. I quickly accepted that the world would never accept an artist who simply neglected to include an element of their subject.

But Berlin-based oil painter Fabio La Fauci disagreed with my text-book notion that an artist must include photo-like detail of every element of their subject’s body. La Fauci’s ten-portrait Is It You? collection shows his subject’s body in a beautiful, sensual, and lifelike way but where the subject’s head should be is instead a glob of paint – O.K., perhaps “glob” isn’t the right word as the texture conveyed is pretty brilliant. It almost is as though you’re looking at a piece by a Dutch master, but because you’re tripping on Acid their face is melting off. And it’s fucking brilliant.

In La Fauci’s newer works the artist departs from flesh colored tones and embrace brighter, more vivid colors, making his melting face’s a bit more…fun.

You should check out his work, it’s pretty incredible. And Fabio, keep at it. Just because I never learned to draw hands, I’m sure one of these days you’ll figure out how to paint a face.


Can you see yourself in these paintings?

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