Instagram’s Pet Cemetery: Keeping Insta-famous Pets Alive

This cat lover is keeping Eddie the Earless Cat’s memory alive on Instagram.

It feels like there are more sad pet eyes on Instagram today than the local pound. Some of these pet pages have racked up millions of fans – could you imagine how many followers Lassie would have? But what happens to his Instagram page when your little furry friend bites the dust?

Losing a four-legged loved one sucks.

Despite the fact that we know from day one we’re (hopefully) going to outlive them, the family pet can become another member of your family.  Hell, you may even like your pet more than some of your family. But death is inevitable, so what do you do?

You hand the body to your vet and get an urn to put on the fireplace, you get it stuffed (creepy), or simply bury it (as we did in Texas) in the backyard and tell Junior that you sent his cherished pet to a farm up North; but then that’s the end of the story. Of course, we’d shed a tear, maybe pour one out, and move on.

Now comes the hard part…

What do you do with your pet’s popular Instagram page?

Well, you keep the account alive and well with memorial posts and build a community of grieving pet owners.

What started off as an homage to the late, great, Eddie the Lilac Lion (rest in peace you beautiful feline phenome), has turned into a sounding (and posting) board for some 77K of his grieving followers to come together and share pictures and stories of their lost pets. However, in the age of Instagram, Eddie isn’t the only dead pet with staying power. The platform has blossomed into a virtual Pet Cemetery keeping the memory of our best friends going and offering support to others experiencing pet loss.

Everyone needs to grieve in their own way and we totally support that, but these pet memorials can be real tearjerkers. So, if you feel like you’re in need of some good feels and maybe an ugly cry, stroll down memory lane with Eddie the Earless cat’s Instagram feed.

Need to find a community? Search the following hashtags #petloss, #petmemorial, #petmemorialjewelry.


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********URGENT******** The shelter that rescued me and Daisy and Floyd, @midhudsonanimalaid, may have to close its doors in the new year due to lack of funding. Small non-profits, especially no-kill shelters that take in the cats no one else wants (special-needs and ferals), survive solely on donations. When Eddie needed surgery to have his ears removed, you helped us raise $4,000; after he died, you donated $1,500 in his name (doubled thanks to matching company gifts). It blows my mind, what this community can do. I am humbled by the fact that nearly 79,000 people follow Eddie’s journey, and the legacy he leaves behind. If each of you donated $1, it could literally save lives. Please please consider making a donation. The kitties need you; the humans who work tirelessly for them need you. Please share this, too. The link is and it’s clickable in my profile. THANK YOU!

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missin’ this goofball tonight ?

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Would you keep your pet’s Instagram account alive even after their death?  Let us know!

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