Veteranas and Rucas: An Instagram Dedicated to 90’s Chicano Style and Culture

We’ve been following Veteranas and Rucas (@verteranas_and_rucas) for quite some time. Full disclosure: when I first stumbled upon their incredible page, I had to look up what Veteranas and Rucas actually meant (for any other Gringos out there the words are both Chicano slang terms, and according to Mexico Guru, a veterana is an “old lady” while a ruca is a “girlfriend” or a “regular or frequent female companion.”)

Veteranas and Rucas is the brainchild of Guadalupe Rosales, an East Los Angeles native who was fully immersed in the Chicano youth culture of the 90’s.  This period of time in LA marked the peak of gang violence and heightened anti-immigration sentiment, both of which were heavily covered by the media and inundated television sets across the country. Rosales knew this was not her idea of Chicano culture, and felt an outsider. (quote from LA TIMES).

We highly recommend checking out the full article on the Los Angeles Times.

What initially started as a #TBT post in an effort to reconnect with lost friends and family, blossomed into a digital Chicano anthropology and full-fledged movement. The page has grown to have a following over 175K and her following shows no signs of slowing down – with coverage coming from Los Angeles Times, Aperture Magazine, and a full photo installation “Echoes of a Collective Memory” at the Vincent Price Art Museum.

Some of our favorite posts below:

1993 is where it’s at!

Las Locas


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Odette, Christina, Monique , Vanessa 1993 Wilson High school Hacienda Heights/La Puente represent! Photo: @foxyinchino

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Can we bring this type of group photo holding a number thing back? 


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1993 Homecoming Senior Year at The Ranch El Rancho High School photo: @crissy_is_2cute?

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Everything about this makes us happy


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Adriana on the payphone at Maggie’s pub in Santa Fe Springs in 1993 Street Beat Magazine

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Do you remember these styles? Can you see the influence in today’s culture?

Follow the Instagram channel and go check out the exhibit if you get the opportunity.

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