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Meme Therapy is now a thing and we couldn’t be happier.

We may catch a lot of shit from older generations about our parents having unprotected sex and giving birth to a *gasp* Millennial. If you’re questioning whether or not you may be one of us then check how  Merriam-Webster defines Millennial, “a person born in the 1980s-1990s.” To be clear, I have no qualms with the textbook definition of “Millennial” but do have to question who the hell is writing these definitions given both Sansa Stark and Joe Jonas are the choice subjects used to show an example of how to properly use the word “Millennial.” I seriously fucking doubt it was a “millennial.”

*therapy is not only for millennials – we just made it cool*

I am a Millennial not only because of my year of birth but because I do indeed embody some of those characteristics that have come to define my generation: I get a little stressed out when my phone battery drops to 10% and there is not a charger in sight, I sometimes compare my life to unrealistic expectations (aka bullshit) on social media, and, yes, I like so many Millennials have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars, and too many hours to count, sitting in my therapist’s office (surprise, it was all my parents’ fault, and they fucked me up real good).

Although I can’t imagine my addiction to self-deprecating memes on Instagram can be healthy, ironically, it is the medium in which the Instagram doctor has chosen to connect with her 84k followers.

If you’re ever in need of validation that could only be provided by a trained professional, then our girl Giulia Preziuso is your doc! Preziuso, a therapist and founder of the Defining Moments Counseling and Education Center in Middleton New York brings her years of experience to her Instagram followers by diagnosing the underlying symptoms of the memes we are all so familiar with. It’s a brilliant way to reach a generation plagued with self-doubt, college degrees, and apparently, money to spend on therapy. If you don’t want to fork over the bucks to see the doctor, then check out her memes for a Freudian break down of triggers that lead to our breakdowns.

If you need a daily dose of inspiration and encouragement check out The Doc’s feed @mydefiningmoment.

What are you waiting for?

Check out some of our favorite posts below with The Doc’s take in the captions.


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Relationships hurt when one partner doesn’t trust the intentions of the other or worse yet projects false motives onto them. Red flags in unhealthy conversations will include phrases like: “You think that because you want me to believe a,b, c., you only feel that way or did that because you want x,y,z” there’s always a paranoid motive in there. In healthy conversations you look for ways to relate by asking someone how they feel vs. telling them how they feel based on your interpretations. It’s trusting that you’re seeing pure loving intentions coming from your partner and not a tripped wire from an old wound. There are actually people who genuinely want to love you and you’re missing out on that unnecessarily. Consults available.

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It’s extremely challenging and exhausting for the people around you to cope with the constant splits in your personality. Going from extreme sadness to explosive rage seemingly untriggered will negativity impact your romantic, friendship and business relationships. When I see people who want to understand what’s causing the split, I know that they are ready for change. There are some people that simply don’t have the insight due to whatever cognitive distortions or defense mechanisms they’ve developed. They will take longer to respond to treatment if at all and some just don’t. Splitting comes from trauma and generally began in early childhood where by they were the direct victims of abuse or eyewitnesses to it. When you understand that it’s something that happened to you, judgement is reduced and discernment is increased. You can’t change yesterday but tomorrow is totally up to you depending on what you’re willing to do. Invest in yourself, you deserve it. 💯

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Going back to the same toxic relationship is not a matter of love. You keep saying it’s because you love them but there’s nothing loving about the relationship. Don’t fall into the trap of romanticizing toxicity and really try to take an objective look at the big picture. You keep trying to leave because this person is doing something that doesn’t sit well with you. Trust your gut and break the cycle to protect your heart. Please understand that you deserve healthy love and as hard as it is to make the decisions necessary to achieve that you will have to walk in that direction a little bit each day. And some days if you’re struggling just to crawl in that direction just remember that at least you’re moving forward. ♻️ the hysterical @hoegivesnofucks

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