The Bedazzling and Glam Life of Club Kid Kyle Farmery

There are few in this world for whom absolutely no introduction is needed.  But just one small step down the social letter is reserved for those who get introduced to we common folk by that previously aforementioned group and this is exactly where we can find the wunderkind of vamp, Kyle Farmery.

Farmery’s shepherd into the spotlight was none other than “that bitch” Lizzo (and added props to Farmery for being introduced by the artist who – tied with Iggy Azalea – could say her single held the number one position on the Billboard Hot 100 longer than any other female rap artist, but even beyond that for being introduced by an artist who has joined the elite rank of those like Madonna, Sting, and Bono as being so famous they could ditch their last name).


If you’ve taken a look at Lizzo’s Instagram feed, seen the artist on tour, or watched her perform at MTV’s Video Music Awards then you’re already familiar with Farmery’s work, even if you don’t realize it. The 24-year-old designer, androgynous model, and Manhattan socialite’s work is bedazzling, both literally and figuratively. He claims the bejeweled bottle of Patron tequila he created for Lizzo’s VMA performance changed his life (Patron also dug the design. So much so they ended up ordering 150 Farmery-designed bottles, for which the artist charged the company $650 apiece).

And what is really amazing is that, and I don’t know how, Farmery (who has so embodied the bejeweled lifestyle that he named his company Sparkyle Studio) has managed to keep his designs (which, by all logic should be loud and obnoxious) subtle and tasteful – maybe this is because the New York native has already spent so much of his life completely immersed in the glitterati, often making his rounds with fellow socialistas along the likes of Amanda Lepore, who Farmery counts as one of his most nearest and dearest.

Kyle Farmery and Amanda Lepore

If like us, you dig his designs you better act fast as these glitzy pieces aren’t exactly easy to get your hands on…Bergdorf Goodman bought his entire first collection, and Diane von Furstenberg has one of his pieces hanging in the window as part of the holiday design for her downtown New York City shop.

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A quick visit to Kyle’s Instagram and you can see his signature style on full display. Browse Sparkyle Studios and you can see some one-of-a-kind shopping. Check out some of our faves from Farmery’s store below.

And of course, our favorite looks from Kyle’s Feed below:


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