From fitness models to Spanish heartthrobs, we have a list of the best jawlines on Instagram.

Who doesn’t like a strong jawline on a man?

With the rise in popularity of selfie culture and app’s like Instagram that encourage regular shameless solicitation, it’s no wonder there has been an uptick in plastic surgery for men.  The conversation of body image has always been framed around women, but studies suggest that trends are changing and more men are undergoing plastic surgery to enhance their body image.  Nearly 1.3 million surgeries were performed on men in 2017 alone according to the stats posted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Some of the more popular procedures for men have been tummy tucks, liposuction, and male breast reduction. Not everyone is going under the knife. Some are opting for less invasive treatments like filler Injections and Botox. An even less invasive option for those seeking to shave a few years off is laser treatment (I’ve done it and highly recommend a yearly laser to freshen up).

Now that the facts are laid out, let’s celebrate some of these beautiful men. Regardless of whether their looks are God-given or Beverly Hills enhanced, these jawlines are so sharp they could cut you!

Let’s begin!

This Barry’s Bootcamp Trainer’s jawline isn’t the only thing chiseled. 


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German YouTuber making us blush


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Me, looking at pizza like…. DM Spree! Spam with „❤️“ for a DM! Anzeige

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Abs and all


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Another Great workout in the books @ceresio7gymspa #ceresio7gymspa

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Tighty Whities are now officially back in style


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I’m on my worst behavior on Friday ?

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Not just a strong jaw – also crossed eyes!


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Tonight I’ll be stepping back into class after taking time for my recent trips and holidays. I’m performing a scene from the movie “About a Boy”, and I’m feeling crazy like the face pictured above. I know these nerves will never go away, but I’ve progressively learned how to feed off that anxiety that would typically hold a firm grip on my temperament. These emotions have me feeling ALIVE and WILD. Find something YOU love, and not what someone tells you to do. Something that finds its way into your every passing thought. Grip onto that and don’t you ever let it go. What you have is a love that not many people seem to find, and a dream that you could very well make into a reality. And if you’ve found it, then I wish you the very best on your journey. Be willing to trust that dream and live it. Be willing to take that flying leap of faith…The only thing holding you back is yourself. #Go

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Saving the best for last with Jorge.


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Jawlines all day, every day. 
And then an entire Instagram page dedicated strictly to the jaw-dropping jawlines out there. Although it’s heavy on the celebrity feature, there are still some nice gems you can stumble upon. Take a look below.


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