Well, maybe that’s a stretch but he is a feel good influencer from the Happy Go Lucky Danish Kingdon.

The happiest place in the world? No, despite popular belief it’s not Disneyland. According to a 2018 study, four out of five countries with the highest GNH levels (Gross National Happiness….yeah, it’s a real thing) are located in Scandinavia. Number three on the list, Denmark, has consistently ranked high on these lists.

We get it –free healthcare, free education, a solid infrastructure, and beautiful people biking through the cobblestone streets…How could they not be absurdly happy? Where else would Rasmus Lakserytteren – the most naively happy content creator on the internet – call home?

Here are some of the things you need to know about him.

A quick “A/S/L” overview:

Greatest passions:
Playing with his food and loud patterns.

Why we like him?
He’s creative and kid friendly! He’s like the Danish Pee Wee Herman of social media, but way cuter and no movie theater scandals to date.

Our Favorite Thing:
His style. Perhaps unintentional, Rasmus is always rocking fresh looks and he’s not scared to take a gamble.

A few of our favorite looks below:

Hitting every color in the rainbow 

Patterns on Patterns


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I guess you could call that a shark attack ??? ~ #indonesia #shark #doodle #photobomb

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Patterns with a pop of color

And here he is sporting his own designs in collaboration with The Sunday Co.

Where you can find him:
He’s a regular globetrotter, spreading joy around the world one post at a time.

You can follow along with the adventure with Rasmus here:

MUSICAL.LY @HelloRasmus comedy, DIY & live drawing. Sometimes I sing!
INSTAGRAM: @HelloRasmus awesome selfies, drawings, and the best insta-stories!
SNAP: HelloRasmus Occasional fun stuff!

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And here is a taste of his YouTube content with hot bikers.

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