‘Ok Boomer’ Meme Movement Spawns Hilarious Facebook Group

Before there were Millennials or Gen-X and Z, there was The Greatest Generation. These badass mother fuckers earned this title by kicking Germany’s ass not in one, but in two World Wars.  But then these war heroes came home and screwed up everything by giving birth to those who became known as “Baby Boomers.”

Here is a timeline for anyone confused about the generational divide:


When these Baby Boomers aren’t too busy creating literally every single world-threatening problem (hell, why would they even care? They’ll be dead before having to deal with any of the consequences) they spend their time criticizing the younger generations – which they tend to lump together into one group: The Millennials. And these Baby Boomers don’t use the term Millennial as a classification, they use it as an insult.

Favorite Boomer talking points below:

“Millennials all require so much handholding.”
“Millennials are such snowflakes with their safe spaces. Everything offends them.”
“Millennials are too politically correct.”
“Give the Millennial a trophy for participation, we can’t hurt their feelings.”

Well, Baby Boomers, guess what?

For years, Millennials have been laughing behind your collective back at how out of touch with the times you are….and now it’s time for you to know. There is only one public forum where these “Millennials” can vent their frustrations with the confidence that their message may actually be heard by Baby Boomers: Facebook. Unless, of course, your name is Chlöe Swarbrick, the legendary New Zealand Lawmaker that shut down a heckler with the simple, yet effective response “OK Boomer”.

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The “OK Boomer” group is just that – a forum where, mostly through memes, the Post-Boomer generations could get together and share their thoughts on Baby Boomers. As anticipated, it wasn’t long before these Boomers joined the group and started doing what they do best – disrupting a stable environment for no reason. The exchanges on these forums are hilarious since Millennials reserve the right to shut down even the most long-winded of Baby Boomer comment with the two-word response: “OK Boomer.”

Join the Facebook group, unless you’ve already deleted your Facebook account, and in which case at least check out the selection below for some of our favorites.We’ve spent some time in this group trying to find a few of the best memes accurately conveying our disdain for all things Baby Boomer  – take a look

This guy somehow has become the face of privileged white baby boomers from the 70s. How unfortunate.






Always a meme from The Office


An appropriate response


In case you need more info on No Nut November


I’d take it


You have something to say Google?


This final point really rams it home.


Bonus footage:


New Facebook group: a group where we pretend to be boomers

There is actually a group for those who want to talk/type and act like Boomers. The only rule: don’t break character. It is interesting and hilarious look into how our generation really views the Boomers. Check it out!

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