Meet Our Favorite Western Wear Designers: Fort Lonesome

Hey Rhinestone Cowboy, move to the side.

This year’s Grammy Awards made one thing very clear: Gay Country Western has arrived….And hot damn, we hope it’s here to stay.

Seems as though Western wear has a way of resurfacing in mainstream culture and fashion every decade. Sure, John Wayne and even Reagan made statements in their Stetsons, then John Travolta brought the Urban Cowboy vibes to the 80s – which I always just assumed was just the John Wayne look plus an absurd amount of Cocaine, Madonna’s cowgirl look in the ‘Don’t tell me’ music video from the early 00s, and so forth and so on….

Billy-Ray-Cyrus-Orville-Pack-Lil-Nas-X-Diplo-at-2020-Grammys_heyomagBut now we have Orville Peck, Diplo, and Lil’ Nas X – riding into the Grammy’s in true fucking style…

It’s like the start to a joke – What do a Canadian Crooner, Sexually Liberated DJ, and Gay Rapper have in common? It was their badass look. Just check out Diplo’s after-party outfit below…. After taking a glance, let us know how we could emulate before SXSW.


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We made a thing for a guy for a thing. I could write a whole agonizingly earnest tome on the existential profundity of making garments specifically for one brief moment in time – and the bizarro intersection of relevancy, validation and creativity that arises with this endeavor- but frankly I’m already board of hearing myself even begin to dig into what is such a precious, privileged flavor of angst. Yawnsville. So here it is- a photographic celebration of the creative work of so many hands and minds! Yay team! Yay weird awards show where we’re all supposed to pay attention and drink the kool-aid! But seriously folks – this was a fun project with a stellar team: Our ❤️ stylist: @samanthaburkhartstylist Design by: @tinybreakdancer Embroidery pattern sudoku by: @me_amrit Master of headbands: @michelle_devereux Crazy on the fly patternmaking by: @bekahdubose Garment construction precision by: @barbourita and @laurenchesterr Fort Stoners: @lieeluh and @javi.uriegas

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Whether you’re looking to add just a little Cowboy cool to your existing gear, or need a completely new wardrobe check out Ft. Lonesome, the Texas-based brand pumping out pimp worthy cowboy couture…From their patches to their suits, we want it all… and judging by the below looks like we’re in some pretty cool company.

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@nickofferman, lover of #wendellberry, #trees and @nancyandbeth, in his custom #ftlonesome #squirrelpearl

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