The most intoxicating person on Instagram has arrived.

Billy Shakespeare’s star-crossed lover, Juliet, once begged the question, “What’s in a name?” In the case of Athena Pasadena: EVERYTHING.

Athena Pasadena has managed to amass an Instagram following of almost 15K followers despite having almost no presence whatsoever on the platform. (Update Below: She’s back!)

Besides her name, her Instagram profile features two things only: 1) a single picture of Athena (rocking a cocaine chic look that would make even a young Courtney Love jealous) ; and 2) the Greek word androphonos. But, as the saying goes, sometimes less actually is more; and with the Athena Pasadena’s Instagram page that definitely proves true – her Instagram says everything, especially in what it does not say.

In spite of the page’s spartanic approach, you can get a pretty clear picture of the page’s author.

The picture shows a girl who has spent a life indulging in the spoils of her beauty – opulence to the point of decadence. This photo oozes of a (short) lifetime spent at country clubs during the day and nightclubs in the evening – it wreaks of wealth and privilege (even her dress sparkles for fuck’s sake) and this portrait serves as an homage to an upscale upbringing in the suburbs of Los Angeles (Pasadena, get it?).


Androphonos, the Greek word for “man killer.” Fitting for this word to be the only one on her page, as the word translates to “man-killer.” Athena may suggest she chose this name to honor her European heritage, but the daughter of Zeus, Hall, and Oates, and the Instagram socialite has a lot in common – man killers all of them.

The constrained nature of Athena’s page may perhaps be a greater piece of social commentary than anything she could actively post. Had you visited The Man Killer’s page only a few months ago you would have been regaled in hundreds of borderline X-rated posts of this femme fatale straddling the line of art and pornography (and sometimes straddling other things).

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But a simple glance through her followers explains her choice to go almost radio-silent: yes, there are the artists, creatives, musicians, and LGBTQ+ persons, but then there are just one too many followers that remind you of that creepy guy who claims to be a gynecologist but operates from a van by the river that all of us are unfortunately too familiar with – I’m assuming you’re as objectively good looking as I am (if you’re not, unsubscribe, JK).

We assume the riské nature of her posts combined with the simple fact that men (I get it, not all men…but yeah, all men) are pigs forced Athena to remove the vast majority of her posts. Sure – she is an absolutely stunning woman who posts seductive images with captions that suggest daddy issues (perhaps more than suggest), but that didn’t warrant the harassment she received daily.

Instagram is a less intoxicating place without her. So, let’s all raise a glass to Athena, and all those women of Insta fighting the good fight.

We miss you, Athena Pasadena!

If you want more while waiting for her to grace us peasants with her presence, then check out the glitchy, stopmotion YouTube video of her and our favorite posts before they were removed.

You can now measure your life as “before & after Athena Pasadena”. 


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Weakness is a strength if you use it to your advantage

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Athena Pasadena is making a comeback!


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plotting a comeback

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