Just Peachy Comic Tackles Depression, Anxiety, and Sobriety

Better Mental Health for 2020!

Mental health issues seem to still be in the politics/ religion category of taboo topics of conversation – a bizarre concept given (according to one study by Johns Hopkins Medicine) over 25% of all American adults suffer from one or more diagnosable mental health disorder. Fortunately, in a move to de-stigmatize the unapproachability of the topic, @JustPeachy has created an account full of pastel cartoon characters that humanize topics like depression.

Holly Chisolm created the @JustPeachyComic Instagram account, and its trademarked characters, in an attempt to combat her own personal issues with anxiety and depression by featuring fun cartoon characters having lighthearted conversations about what could otherwise be heavy concepts…and she does a really great job of it. Chisolm has recently expanded beyond the pages of social media by creating a book (remember those things?) including many of the characters you can find on her page, and other items of pretty cool swag.


Recently, Just Peachy has focused on the idea of Dry (or alcohol/substance-free) January. Her posts show not only how giving up stimulants could improve your mental health, but all the fringe benefits that go with sobriety – more money in the bank and getting rid of annoying hangovers among them.


I always love the idea of a “Dry January” though normally can’t make it too far past the first week of the New Year before caving, but that’s just me. So, if you still can’t decide on just exactly how you want to ring in the New Year this year, maybe curl up next to the fire with a good book and a Kombucha, avoid the inevitable ringing in your head tomorrow morning, and get a jump start on your Dry Jan.

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And, if you need it, check out @JustPeachyComic’s feed for some more motivation.


Check out her Just Peachy Comic book characters, too.


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