Fight with your teenage boyfriend until you are exhausted.

Have you ever wanted to relive the absolutely senseless arguments you had with your jealous boyfriend as a teenager? Wanna go ’round and ’round with a manipulative guy until you fall asleep? Well good news, now you can. The best part of all? You can simply press ‘stop’.

Get to know your cute, yet slight unstable and very jealous boyfriend, Dennis. ‘Jealous Boyfriend’ is the creation an up and coming ASMRtist (ASMR Artist) named Dennis that makes ASMR videos with the goal of helping people sleep as stated on his Instagram account, which you can follow here – @DennisASMR.

The YouTuber has gained a surge in popularity – hitting over 91,000 subscribers as of this post. His popularity is due to several factors: boyish good looks, the rise of ASMR in popular culture, and perhaps due to the ambiguity of his significant other’s gender, lending itself to a larger audience of hopeful subscribers across the sexual continuum.

Jealous may not be the first word to come to mind while watching Dennis’s Jealous Boyfriend performance – a performance so natural that flashbacks to freshman year of high school, and admittedly, college come to mind bringing about the same bouts of irrational anger as before. However, Dennis defuses the situation by infuses his manipulative mind games with the soothing sound of him smacking his gum and letting out sighs of frustration, which are all surprisingly relaxing.

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Is it healthy for anyone, let alone teenagers, to pine after a jealous, controlling asshole of a boyfriend? Probably not. But then again, we are not here to set the standards of internet consumption or what are acceptable terms for any relationship.

But fear not, Dennis also has a soft side.

If the jealous type isn’t your style, he has a full range of characters you can try out from overprotective to comforting to complimentary, with the ultimate goal of relaxing his viewers and eventually inducing sleep.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.  Do you find Dennis relaxing? Do you hate Jesse?

For a good laugh, check out the comments on his YouTube videos found here.

In the video above, you get introduced to the angsty and irritable Dennis who can’t come to grips with the fact that you liked Jesse’s Instagram posts along with a whole host of other teenage drama.

In the video above, Dennis plays the role of the overprotective boyfriend. His source of anxiety stems from the “bad things happening to people running or jogging outside at night, or at their house at night”.

Disclaimer: abuse is no laughing matter. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, please check out the following links to get help:

the hotline
women’s health

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