Meet The MŌN App: A Clubhouse for Sexual Health and Wellness (and fun!)

The Inclusive Adult Audio Community for Sexual Health and Wellness through Exploration.

By now we all should have heard of Clubhouse  – whether you’ve already scored your invite, are still waiting for one (don’t worry dude, it’s in the mail) or just have overheard the *cool* tech bros uttering their signature humble brag on your Start-Up WhatsApp Group about being an OG member or expanding their ally-ship through women’s studies on Clubhouse… Don’ t believe Chet – he probably can’t score you an invite….Regardless, Clubhouse very quickly became the thing. For those of you who didn’t get an invite early on, you’re probably gonna have to borrow Chet’s for a while, because Clubhouse invites have become almost as coveted as those for The Met Gala (Anna, I’m free this year, give me a call).

But for real, besides being cool and exclusive, what is Clubhouse? Clubhouse is an audio-based social media platform. Get it? No? OK. Clubhouse describes itself as a social media platform that is based on voice, providing its users to chat, share stories, ideate, socialize with your oldest friend who lives down the street or that cool woman you heard speak in a forum earlier from Malta. It’s not about the like count on your new photo, you’re actually speaking with each other.

Stalking your ex’s photos may be what social media was created for, but audio apps demonstrate what social media has evolved into. Maybe it’s because of the isolation we’ve all endured, but we crave substance authenticity. While audio apps may still allow anonymity, and conversation isn’t limited to 280 characters. Audio apps are here, and here to stay.

While Audio Apps are not new (hi, chatlines in the early 90s) or necessarily groundbreaking, they are certainly having a moment. So, what is the deal with these voice-chat apps? Well, let’s look at the most popular kid on the block (for the moment)  – Clubhouse.

By making it *uber-exclusive*and invite-only, the founders of Clubhouse basically ensured that it’d be full of misogyny, hurt feelings, constant interruptions, mansplaining, racism, and just plain bullshit from self-proclaimed experts in every single field imaginable. But at the end of the day, there is a lot of arguing.. .about everything! If I wanted to join a room and listen to people scream at each other, I’d just teleport back to my childhood. No thanks! *Yelling in tech bro.*

And audio apps aren’t one-hit wonders – Quilt, a women-led audio app similar to Clubhouse but focused on self-care, is blowing up as well having raised millions of dollars in seed funding.

My biggest qualm with Clubhouse is it tends to be something of a free for all…. It’s members are there mostly just to be there. The conversations sometimes are interesting, but also can devolve into screamfests and opportunities to hear your own voice. And I love the more niche appeal of Quilt, but that’s not necessarily my thing (and only partially because I have a penis…a nice one at that, thank you very much).

Why can’t there be an audio-app more geared to my interests? An audio app that incorporates and then elevates my favorite online activities…

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Thankfully, the new kid is on the way to the App Market Party. What does this new app want to talk about?

“Let’s talk about sex baby. Let’s talk about you and me.” The MŌN App. is going to be my new a-dick-tion….I know it.

So what is The MŌN App?

MŌN is an adult audio app centered around sex. Sexual health, sexual wellness, and sexual fun – however YOU define it. The MŌN App will have all the bells and whistles of its contemporaries – curated panels and programming, monetization, inclusivity –  but with just a little added fun. Not only can you learn something from the weekly Expert Panels (wait, that’s where the clit is?), but you can then take that information and start your own room to do your *thing*.. or be a fly on the wall and listen to others.

It’s kinda like a (gay) sauna, but with the choice to also have interesting conversations about sex with actual experts… Oh, and without the $15 cover charge! And without the creepy old dude staring at you (thanks to audio-only format). It’s free but there may be a waitlist soon.

So how does this differ from phone sex of the 90s? Well, a few ways.

MŌN is fashioned as an inclusive sex-positive, community designed for education, exploration, and conversation in a safe and accepting environment.

First off, it’s free and doesn’t require a lot of back and forth to get what you want. Also, there’s the voyeurism aspect. Or the exhibitionism aspect. Whatever gets you off. You can create a private room or open room where users can stumble in and hear all the… well, moans.

Wondering how to MŌN? You can do it with friends, partners, or make it a part of your self-care routine and do it solo. You can put on an audio show with your latest toy or your newest partner. With that said, consent is key on this app they are building out community guidelines for moderation and vouching.

When can you MŌN?

Currently, in the Pre-Launch phase with availability in the App Store Summer 2021, MŌN is offering free sign-ups to get first dibs on your username. We all know how handy those are for brand continuity and bragging rights.. and apparently NFG (Non-Fungible Tokens).

So with Erotica apps like Dipsea, &JaneQuinn on the rise and normalizing normal things like, well, sex, users from what once was considered the dark corners of the internet are finally getting embraced by mainstream society.

Interested in more ways you can use it? Check out all the Ways To MŌN. 

Join The MŌN App today to sign and get first dibs on your username for the upcoming summer launch. It’s reported that there will be a waitlist – but we do not know when that will be rolling out so get in while you can.

MŌN can’t get here fast enough for me – when you see me walking down the road, headset on, an I listening to Ira Glass or getting lost in the MŌN? Moments away from the explosive ear-gasm we are all owed.

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