Jan Hakon Erichsen is the Balloon Destroyer.

“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction.”

Pablo Picasso clearly had Norwegian based visual artist Jan Hakon Erichsen in mind when he uttered those immortal words.

While some artists sculpt, and some mold, Erichsen currently prefers to pop balloons for the most part.


From the artist’s studio which resembles Dexter’s killing room, Erichsen goes through elaborate lengths to keep his audience in suspense – just how will he destroy his next balloon? A simple prick of a pin might be all that is necessary, but Erichsen employs tools you’d be more likely to find in a medieval torture chamber than an artist’s studio.

While balloons may be his medium of choice, dried pasta and other smash-ables should also be on alert.

Balloon serial killer or contemporary destruction artist? Take a look at some of our favorite videos below and decide for yourself.

Jan giving Shark Attack vibes

Jan being looney AF – per usual.

Going off

Jaw Dropping, indeed

Loving his foil experiments


A little DP for the audience

I’m sure there’s a metaphor/meme here for my life

And the pasta

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