Guamanians are bringing the heat and death drops!

Consider yourself woke because these Americans are bringing it to you hard from the South Pacific.

Hailing from the tiny island of Guam, Choreographer and Dancer Brian Esperon (@besperon) has been lighting up YouTube and Instagram with killer choreography to mixes from Hip Hop royalty like Nicki Minaj, Cardi B, Bruno Mars, and Chris Brown.

Brian and his troupe are part of the dance academy SKIP Entertainment, one of the Top 50 Dance studios in the US.  Although based in Guam, this troupe has been snatching medals both at home and abroad since 1982. They’ve also amassed quite following on YouTube and Instagram with over 500k followers in total! Not bad.

Check out the official IG @skipentcoguam, but make sure to follow the man himself at @besperon and hopefully mop up some of that excess attitude he is leaving on the floor.

Cue the synchronized death drops!

Watch them go off on Selena!

For all the feels, go ahead and skip to around the 3:00-minute mark.

Is this kid’s death drop giving you life?

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