Gross Out Family This Holiday Season with Repulsive Fetus Food and More

If there is anything that your racist uncle, oblivious and *accidental* racist grandma (different generation), and your MAGA-hat-wearing older brother can agree on, it’s that the delicate artwork made by Qixuan Lim, or @QuimmyShimmy as she is known on Instagram, is both disturbing and disgusting, or as she calls is “creepy cute”.

I’m sure your racist uncle will have something to say about “those people” (because *boomer*, obviously), but if you want to take advantage of one of the rare events where your family can come together and actually agree on something, simply introduce them to this artist’s work….or you can just do it to be that asshole to ruin their appetite just before cutting into the big bird, ham, or whatever it is your family consumes over the holiday.

Qixuan produces incredibly detailed sculptures – each one made by hand – of deformed babies and innards oftentimes seen in blenders or food packaging. This juxtaposed imagery is also staged against a cotton candy pink background – seemingly as an attempt to normalize (or desensitize) the onlooker from the fact they’re looking at a dismembered baby’s body parts stuffed into a sardine casing or their innards baked into a scrumptious looking pie.

The artist has grown accustomed to the public’s contemptuous response to her work, as she regularly is on the receiving end of comments cruder than those baby brains she sculpts into a blender.

Comments range from the boring, “disgusting” to the always reliable downright biblical, “you will burn in hell and these will be your hellhounds.”

Thankfully, @QuimmyShimmy has not only amassed a massive and dedicated following on Instagram (166k), a stellar reputation from the international art community (her exhibits are displayed all around the world), but she also has supportive parents.

Lim said, “I think I’m one of the lucky few people of who are encouraged to pursue what I like and what I’m interested in. So I really think, underneath all that typical Asian parenting, where they tell you certain things and criticize, they still show their support and encouragement in another way.”

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From all of us at HEYO – please continue pursuing these creepy little creations as we are big fans!

We’ve shared some of our favorites below.


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Probably going to become a dimsum chef after this project 🥟

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