Meet Rickey T., Your New Life Coach, Diet Buddy, and Mood.

Ever wake up and just feel like shit? Then you should hang with Rickey Thompson, your feel-good guru giving his YouTube and Instagram followers a little extra pep in their step.

We were digging through the archives and came across one of Rickey’s videos titled “I can’t do this anymore.” We were intrigued. Could he be the next social media influencer giving up ‘the life’ in front of the camera? Nope.

Fear not – he is only referring to this juice cleanse he started, thankfully. His real-talk affirmations remain.

In an effort to clean up his gut and move on from the deliciousness that is fast food like McDonald’s and Burger King, Rickey hopped on the juice cleanse wagon and to put it mildly, he is not feeling it.

Let Rickey, 22, be your inspiration for a healthy lifestyle.

A few of our favorite quotes that truly illustrate our mood on a diet.

“I look so ugly thick.”

“Wow – I did such a caucasian activity. ”

“She was so excited about the chia seeds.”

“All I can do is chew gum and keep drinking these juices and I am having an awful time doing that.”

“All nature. That is what I’m drinking.”

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“I don’t know how you healthy people do this shit.”

“I keep smelling random things because I’m so fucking hungry”

“This gum is really pissing me off. It’s making me real angry, real angry, bitch, real angry. ”

“I am already a star, but bitch, I need to be THE star. ”

“I look so good when I look expensive.”

Could you eat Rickey’s McDonald’s Diet? 

  • Big Mac with no cheese, lettuce tomato, white onions
  • 10 count nugget meal
  • Large ass fry
  • 2 apple pies
  • Large orange soda



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