Doggy Makeover YouTube Channel Upgrades Your Pet

New Year – New You(tube) Obsession.

Pets have never had it better than in 2019: personalized doggy treats from the recently launched company Dandy to lux Dog Hotels like D Pet Hotel or Chateau Marmutt in Los Angeles where your dog’s digs could be more expensive than your room at the Hilton. But now comes the ultimate in pet luxury: professional hair care makeovers brought to you the from South Korean groomers Shu and Tree.

Shu and Tree launched their channel 2 years ago and they’ve managed to cut through the millions of other pet content and amass over 1million subscribers on YouTube, and content totaling more than 160 million views. Still not sold on the pet makeover? Well, check out these videos and decide on the cutest before and after shots for your fluffy friend.

According to the Chinese 2020 should be the year of the rat, but if Shu and Tree’s success continues, for them it will definitely be the year of the dog.

Check out our fave styles from their Instagram below:

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