A Cook Named Matt: Our Flakey Salt Bae

If 2020 didn’t provide enough to raise your cholesterol levels, maybe this dash of (flakey) salt will tip the scales.

Matt Broussard, a Texan-born chef who is now based out of Spokane, WA,  maybe better known by his Instagram handle, A Cook Named Matt (@acooknamedmatt). This flakey salt aficionado with millions of followers across his social platforms has been racking up accolades like Zagat’s 30 under 30 and featured in publications like Forbes and now, the prestigious pages of HEYO!  After spending most of puberty learning the basics, Broussard landed in Seattle, WA working for Matt Douglas, the area’s most prominent restaurateur, and now is in charge of recipe development and content creation at Spiceology.

Matt’s videos stand out amongst the tide of basic ‘mommy bloggers in bright white kitchens’ that have dominated our feeds for years – he is simply a bearded, approachable, and almost too lovable cook named Matt. In what appears to be his personal at-home kitchen, he mixes his easy-going personality with clever recipes that are prepared with some seriously incredible knives (filmed with cuts equally as sharp), and whenever possible the addition of his signature flakey salt. Forgive me, but this chef whets his knives and then wets his audience… Maybe his flakey salt is the reason we’re so thirsty as a civilization…                                                                              

While he’s not the first internet sensation to get our heart racing and stomachs growling, he’s certainly taking the role of our new favorite. 

Below are some of our favorite food vids from our Fave Cook Named Matt. 


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