15 Overheard Uber Conversations Confirming Your Biggest Fear

Yes – it’s true.

Your Uber driver is actually listening to your conversation and because they’re (hopefully) sober, they remember everything and are telling the world. Horrifying, I know.

When was the last time you had one of those nights? You know, one of those nights when you wake up in the morning with a pounding headache, texts to your ex questioning every decision you’ve made, a receipt in your pocket from McDonalds (how the f*ck did you spend $75 on “value” meals?), and no idea how you made it home.

Well, someone knows how you got home….s/he knows all….your Uber driver. They actually know all!

Not only is your Uber driver vigilantly watching your drunken idiocy, but often they’re chronicling your idiocy and doing it all for The Gram. An addicting offshoot of ‘Overheard’ family (@OverheardLA, etc), the @Overhearduber has captured some of those best moments that you wish ever happened – or at least were never witnessed.

Check it out for yourself, and let us know if you come across anything that sounds a little too familiar.

Our Uber Score is sacred

Must be in LA


OverheardUber_HEYOMag_OrientationSorry not sorry

Not the worst tipOverheardUber_HEYOMag_3
Even Acapella
OverheardUber_HEYOMag_2Mom dates are the best dates

OverheardUber_HEYOMagHow I live most of my life

OverheardUber_HEYOMag_streamTruth-tellerOverheardUber_HEYOMag_GossipPompeii didn’t end wellOverheardUber_HEYOMag_pompeiiSome of my best naps have happened in UbersOverheardUber_HEYOMag_napping Too realOverheardUber_HEYOMag_busyChristmas can smell like anything you wantOverheardUber_HEYOMag_vodka
Strong case
OverheardUber_HEYOMag_lawyerThat’s the moveOverheardUber_HEYOMag_Sleep

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