Cure Your Cute Cat Fatigue and With This Instagram Account.

Cute cats are a dime a dozen but this page elicits a sort of ASMR quality due to the feelings brought on from “cute aggression”.

What is cute aggression?

It’s that buzzing noise you get in your head, the turning in your stomach, shortness of breath that can only be remedied when you release a loud high pitched squeal and lunge towards an animal to pet it aggressively. Or at least that’s how I experience it. But read the actual definition: Cute aggression is superficially aggressive behavior caused by seeing something cute, such as a human baby or young animal.

We found this particular feed interesting because of the sheer number of big-eyed, big-headed kittens. But truth be told, we also connected with the post which shows a man putting the kittens head into his mouth which can be seen below. We do the same.

Again – cute aggression. It’s a thing. We all have our ways of dealing with it.

This Korean Instagram account has curated such a confounding cat feed that makes you want to turn them into cat food. No – we don’t advise eating cats or any cute animal but we dare you to look at them and not want to put them in your mouth, if not just for scale.

Warning: very cute big-eyed cats below. 

And to finish off this list…

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