10 Best Places to Nap with Follow the Nap’s Alex Shannon

Camera? Check. Instagram account? Check. Plane ticket anywhere? Check.

Congratulations! You’re now a travel influencer. At least that’s how it seems. While travel influencers seem to be a dime a dozen these days, there is only one that truly stands out…or rather, lies down.

Recognizing people like Rick Steves or the entire television networks dedicated to travel, it was only a matter of time before this type of content started to dominate social media.  Long gone, though, are the days of beige Hilton hotel rooms and those boring group travel excursions borne from Boomer boredom.  Social media has created the opportunity for millions to see your boutique hotel, BnB, or travel company.


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This last decade has provided all of us with digital passports and the chance to see one beautiful destination after another – all with their own unique pink and blue-hued sunset. There are villas floating on the blue waters of Bali, rooms overlooking the back alleys of Mumbai, and Parisian Pied-à Terre.


But guess what? As an abundance of options began to develop what did those travel/destination influencers give us? Repetitive imagery of mundanity. So many of these eager travel junkies were traveling “just for the gram” that they had to digitally alter their content to separate themselves. Enter “Cloud-gate”: a scandal where one young influencer got called out for having the same cloud pattern in every photo all over the world. No biggie – until you realize that the only way to differentiate your content from all the others is a fucking cloud formation…

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Catch some Zzz’s

Finally, we have something new to drool all over our pillows about – London based influencer Alex Shannon’s @FollowTheNap account. Only someone like Shannon with a background in marketing and commercial social media could possibly have recognized this void in the market place – scouting out the world’s best destinations to close our eyes and grab a few Zzz’s. From first-class travel lounges to plush hotel beds, Shannon’s account gives us all something to dream about.

*Pro-tip: check for repetitive cloud formations*

Get a glimpse of 10 of our favorite cat nap destinations for Follow The Nap below.

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